Our Purpose

Vision: Allowing God’s love to flow through us as we walk alongside individuals in their journey of restoration, growth, and healing while also providing empowerment.


Mission: Ending Abuse, One Conversation At A Time!

Our Staff

We care about the future of our children, that's why we spread awareness of sexual abuse. We love being a part of something that is going to empower children and adults to take care of themselves. The Fight the Silence Team thanks you for your continued support!

Fight The Silence 5K Challenge

For the past 2 years, we have hosted a 5K to raise awareness of sexual abuse, provide a safe space where conversation on issues such as sexual abuse will no longer be swept under the rug, encourage others to stand in their truth with a supportive staff to let them know we are all on this together.

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Our Impact

This movement has also empowered communities to put an end to sexual abuse and help survivors to the resources that they deserve and need.

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Fight, Fight, Fight!

Every day I have to make a conscious decision that I will no longer be silent and that it is okay to tell my truth. I have to fight to stop my silence.... let's fight for ourselves and other victims who need us to be that voice for them!!



Rebecca is a thriving survivor of sexual abuse. She was molested by her father for 10+ years and instead of letting that hold her back she rose above the odds and became an advocate. She started a movement called Fight the Silence which brings awareness to sexual abuse. Fight The Silence hosts special events to raise awareness of sexual abuse and funds for organizations that are actively working towards living in a world where abuse cease to exist.


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